Coffee & Caffeine!!!

On doctors Advice I have cut back on the number of cups I drink - I just got a bigger cup instead!!!
yes I do use it sometimes - that is a large cappuccino

Coffee has been a favorite drink for Many years, so I decided to learn a bit more about it.

Coffee is a drink made by adding water to the roasted beans of the coffee plant.

A great page is available with more detail on how the coffee is grown and gets processed
Dont get confused - coffee and caffeine are not the same thing!
Caffeine is an alkaloid. It is found in over 60 plants, such as cola nuts, coffee, tea, and cacao beans. Caffeine plays virtually no role in the flavor of your coffee, just in the effect you get. Caffeine is a white powder which dissolves easily in water and has a slightly bitter taste. Much of the caffeine that is removed from coffee is sold to pharmaceutical and soft drink companies. For coffee to be called "decaffeinated," it must have at least 97% of its caffeine removed.
WiRed JavA fAnAtiC has more details about caffeine and how they get decaffeinated coffee.

Coffee Definitions

BASIC ESPRESSO a single shot (approximately 1-1/2 ounces of espresso). The Italian tradition is to drink it in a single gulp to enjoy the fullest flavour.
DOPPIO a double shot of espresso.
ESPRESSO CON PANNA a basic espresso with a dollop of whipped cream.
ESPRESSO MACCHIATO a single serving of espresso topped with a dollop of frothed milk.
GRANITA an espresso that has been frozen and crushed. It is served in a cup with a spoon.
ICED ESPRESSO a cooled single shot of espresso that is sweetened to taste.
CAPPUCCINO consists of 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 frothed milk. Powdered cocoa or cinnamon may be sprinkled on top as a garnish (optional).
CAPPUCCINO ROYALE 1 ounce of liquor (Grand Marnier Amaretto) added to basic cappuccino. Topped with whipped cream.
(Italian for "why bother")
decaffeinated cappuccino with non-fat milk.
CAFE AU LAIT traditionally served in a bowl that you lift with both hands, it is made with strong brewed coffee and milk heated on stove rather than steamed under the nozzle of an espresso machine.
CAFFE LATTE usually served in a tall glass, it is 1/3 espresso to 2/3 steamed milk with no foam. Lattes are frequently flavoured with Italian syrups such as Hazelnut and Almond.
CAFE MOCHA a single shot of espresso mixed to taste with a chocolate syrup or powder and 5oz of steamed milk. Topped with whipped cream, if desired.
IGLOO ESPRESSO a single espresso with sugar and ice, blended at very high speed and topped with whipped cream.