Ian's Colour Chart Page.

Want to jazz up your text using even more colour choices - this is the way to do it!

<font color=deeppink size=4>This is the Format</font>

Note that these all use the name of the colour, although there are even more colours using a 6-digit code such as 4D4DFF, but who needs them as well!.

The main background colour used on this page is called ALICEBLUE.
The colours are shown on a black background to show them up better - note that some are too light to read on a pale one!

antiquewhite lightskyblue
aqua lightseagreen
aquamarine lightslategrey
azure lightsteelblue
biege lightyellow
bisque lime
blanchedalmond limegreen
burlywood linen
chartreuse magenta
chocolate mediumaquamarine
coral mediumseagreen
cornflowerblue mediumspringgreen
cornsilk mediumturquoise
crimson mintcream
cyan green
darkgoldenrod moccasin
darkgrey navajowhite
darkkhaki oldlace
darkorange orange
darksalmon orangered
darkseagreen orchid
darkturqoise palegoldenrod
deeppink palegreen
deepskyblue paleturquoise
dodgerblue papayawhip
floralwhite peachpuff
fuschia peru
gainsboro pink
ghostwhite plum
gold powderblue
goldenrod red
greenyellow rosybrown
honeydew salmon
hotpink sandybrown
indianred seashell
ivory silver
khaki skyblue
lavender snow
lavenderblush springgreen
lawngreen tan
lemonchiffon thistle
lightblue tomato
lightcoral turquoise
lightcyan voilet
lightgoldenrodyellow wheat
lightgreen white
lightgrey whitesmoke
lightpink yellow
lightsalmon yellowgreen

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