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Aussie Icons
Aviation and Planes Antiques/COllectables
Broadband links
Computer Stuff Dumpster Diving
Humour & TV
Cult TV
Movie stuff
Music - jazz/blues ODD Languages
Pinball Machines
Search engines
Video on the PC Writing
Misc others

Aviation and Planes

Australian International Airshows
Air Shows international searchable database
RAAF Defence Air Force - incl RAAF Roulettes
Australian Air League
AirDisaster.Com monitors & reports on aeroplane accidents around the world
Lockheed MArtin make ssome great jets -F-16 Falcon, the JSF, etc
Boeing Aircraft
ASOG-AGO _virtual green room_
Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Antiques & Collectables

Leichhardt Antique Centre Online
Antiques World
Gunter and Susanne's Collector Pages
Auction Opinion - @
Auctiva - Powerful Solutions for Online Sellers!
Burtons' Collector Fairs
Toy, Antique and Featherweight Sewing Machine Sales. Rare Sewing Machines.
Gaileee's Featherweight Sewing Machine info & resource site
Bakelite Tests
Teddy Bear UK_ Teddy Bear Tales
The Worldwide Holiday and Festival Site, National Holidays
Royal Doulton plc
Patent Date List
Web-Pac Web-Ring index (pg 1)

Aussie Icons

Arnott's- there's no substitute for Quality
Vegemite -the Australian spread
Skippy the Bush Kangaroo

Broadband links

ADSL Users Hub
Cable Users Hub


My Coffee Page


Fireworks Foods
Oz Chilli Net Main Page
FireGirl Hot Sauce Catalog and Absolutely Everything about Chile Peppers
Chilli Press. Manly, Sydney, Australia. Chilli _ Chili Shop + magazine

Computer stuff

Tutorial Find has links on tons of Tutorials
Hardware Hell is a great hardware and fixit source
WinTune is a great prgram for keeping your PC running smoothly and efficiently (TM) - The Definitive JavaScript Resource_ JavaScript Tutorials and Free Java Sc
CNet's Webware Channel covers a broad range of ASP applications - Web Site Tools, Web Site Traffic Analysis and Counters
Adobe has online graphics programs to fix thise pics
Web2Pop allows web-based email to be checked like your ISP email
Free Email Address Directory (eg
HTML Goodies plus JavaScript and DHTML tutorials etc
PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) does email and file encryption
Lycos has HEAPS of free images/clipart/photo's etc
M/Soft Clip Gallery Live also has clipart etc (you may need a registered copy of MS Office)
Tom's Hardware Guide
WinDrivers has links to all sorts of software drivers
Domain name registries around the world (printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers,etc
how to setup holiday msgs this is on ozemail's site but may apply to others
TechRepublic - The IT Community Hub
Blogger is an online journal and community system
MyMail_ Web-Based Email Retrieval Service
Hotmail - FREE Email
Animation Factory - Free animated gifs, clip art, and graphics
I C O N/Next - The Sydney Morning Herald IT section
PicoSearch is a Free Search Engine for your own website
Computer Virus Myths home page
Allripped WAREZ

Dumpster Diving

The Art & Science of Dumpster Diving
Autograph Collector and Collecting Home Page
Bob the Earthling's Not-Half-Bad Dumpster Diving Page
Submitted Tales of Treasures Found


Australian Stock Exchange
Australian Financial Review
Reserve Bank of Australia
NSW Lotteries
Lottery Odds calculator
Oanda currency converter

Sites to here have been verified as at 1/1/2003

Humour & TV

The Benny Hill Page
The Ultimate Monty Python Site
PythOnline - they're "Not dead yet..."
The Hitch-Hiker's guide to the Galaxy
The All-In-One Mr Bean Homepage
Another Monty Python Site
the Unofficial Guide to Fawlty Towers or try this page for it instead...
The Goodies Rule - OK!
Abfab Gallery
Blackadder Hall - unofficial home of the Blackadders
Drop the Dead Donkey
Goon but Not Forgotten
Men Behaving badly - Totally Unofficial 2000
Rimmer's Smeg Hole from Red Dwarf
Yes Minister Homepage
Keeping up Appearances with Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet of course)
Morecambe & Wise
The Two Ronnies Virtual episode
'Allo 'Allo -It's Cafe Rene
Carry On Line
The Goon Show
TeleGoons - a puppetshow version of The Goon Show also created by Milligan, Secombe and Sellers
The Craggy island Examiner with Father Ted
Steptoe & Son
To The Manor Born Appreciation Society
Whispers from Walmington - town of Dad's Army
Frankie Howerd is devoted to British Humour.
Humour Et Al
Humorous Poems and Monologues

A great list of 'signs that you have chosen a no-frills airline' ($33 to brisbane?) is found at
Laughter is the Best medicine thanks to AlanSal!

Cult TV (& more)

Cult TV Net Directory
UK's BBC Cult TV page
The 1966 Batman TV Tribute site
"The Prisoner" Appreciation Society: Six of One
The Avengers
Thunderbirds Are GO!
The Fans from U.N.C.L.E. (a bit over the top?)
Lost In Space the TV series
Doctor Who Club of Australia
Trekkies is a documentary about Star Trek Fans
Twilight Zone by Pete
WentworthWeb is about "Prisoner:Cell block H", or as it was called here where it was made- "Prisoner"
TV Themes .WAV Files
TVShow - worldwide television shows, stars and guides
JAG Case Files_ The Official website from for the adventure drama known as JAG
the Movie Script Archive
Internet Movie Database
Warner Bros. Online
Star Trek- The Experience

Movie Sites Etc

iFilm - Heaps of short films
UrbanCinefile is an Aussie based site with trailers and reviews of cinema releases
Lord of the Rings (the movie)
Flipside is a major size Games site
joe cartoon has frog-in-the-blender type humour - heaps of it!
CNet TV - technology update Show(s) from US cable TV
Aussie Short Films

Music - Jazz/Blues

Duke Ellington
James Morrison
Harry Connick Jr
Ella Fitzgerald page by Redsugar

ODD Languages

Want to TRANSLATE some info to or from another language? go to Babelfish  . It is actually quite useful, though quite literal it's translation.
Of course if you want something a little wierder, then  will translate pages in your browser into odd languages like "smurf", "pimp" or "hacker" or "cockney rhyming slang". Not a really useful site, but apparently the translations can brighten up an otherwise dull day.
Klingon - for the die-hard Star Trek fans
Esperanto - the language that L.L.Zamenhof created in the 19th century for everyone to use
Travlang is a dynamic language phrasebook translator

Pinball Machines

Pinball Repair Technician's Help Page
Pinball circuit diagram and manuals
The Game Gallery for online ordering of new and used arcade equipment including jukeboxes, pin
Pinball Resource Center
Amusement International Magazine - Technical Department - Game repair
Marco Specialties Hardware, Parts and Supplies
Mr. Pinball Repair Tip Archive_ All Tips

Search Engines

Yahoo! Aust & NZ
Altavista Australia
LookSmart Australia
Northern Light
Web Wombat
Ask Jeeves
Deja newsgroup comments engine
Dogpile searches thruYahoo, Excite, Lycos, infoseek, AltaVista, & several other databases
Excite Australia
Top100 sites visited in asst categories
Yahooligans! - a kid-safe directory
White pages telephone Directory
Yellow Pages Telephone Directory
White & yellow pages Worldwide
Whereis - UBD street directories on your screen
Crank Dot Net locates "cranks, crackpots, kooks & loons"

Spies etc

Kim-spy has lots of useful spying info
Spies Online Products
Espionage Unlimited can create whole new identites for you
Spyzone is a continuing online resource
MI5- Britains official spy team
Cyber-Detective Main
Virtual World of Intelligence -- Plus 30 Additional Intelligence Sites

Theatre & Acting stuff

Freelance Direct - Australia's Direct Connection
Aust's Virtual Casting Site dedicated to Actors, Models, Stunt People, Extras,
Regals Musical Society
SHOWLINE - Brought to you by ACT
MEAAlliance Online
Samuel French Theatre and Film Bookshops
Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
Theatre Australia - Home Page
The Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization
Home Page for Auditionsonline
Ohio State University - Theatre
American Dialect Links
The Blood Brothers Page
Calamity Jane
Norman Entertainment Actors Cafe

Video/picture tools

Codec Warehouse have many different products under the Video converters link for converting MPEG/Quicktime/AVI files etc

Writing links

Pure Fiction is a resource site for those interested in writing and publishing a novel.
Resources for Romance Writers
Writing For Kids -everything you need to know
the Australian Writer's Marketplace
screenwriting resources

Miscellaneous links

Personal Ancestral File helps you build your family tree
Internet Names Australia domain registry
OzFreebies has free offers/links etc
Competition Club has contests around Australia galore listed
SMS message sending from online has experts available on all sorts of topics
Weather Underground_ Sydney, Australia Forecast
Origami Flowers LE - the art of`paper folding (screen folding??)
Anthony Robbins - Resources for Creating an Extraordinary Quality of Life
Mensa International
Movie Quote Quiz
Music Quizes
Live Volcano's
Lockpicking Guide
Foti Fireworks - the team that did the Olympics and New Years Eve Fireworks displays
COPS Internet Information Server Radio Tuner
Trading Post - The website that asks, _What The Heck__(ebay related?)
United States Postal Service
USPS International Rate Calculator
Parliament of Australia_ Site Map
Amunez Temporary Tattoos in Super Black and Full Color
Temporary Tattoo Supplies
Summer Soundtracks @Tower Records
Kinsey Institute Research and Publications
UGLQ - Links to Masonic Lodges and Orders etc
Anti-Masonry Points of View
Art of Lockpicking
yoga magazine meditation asana postures hatha himalayan institute yoga-international breathing
Paramount Parks
G & C Munro Home Page
The Other Page of Andrew Hopkins

Hope you found something useful in this list!

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